If you have opted for automatic payment via direct debit or credit card, you will receive a monthly statement from us by email. So be sure to check whether the email address in your account is correct.

In this statement you can find your monthly consumption as well as a detail of this consumption. To do this, scroll down a bit in the statement. You can find the detail from the 3rd page. You can also easily find an overview of all your statements via your 4411 account, on mijn.4411.be under the heading 'Invoices'.


  • Do you pay via your telecom bill? In this case you will not receive statements via 4111. Your usage will be shown monthly on your telecom bill.
  • Do you use 4411 via another app such as KBC or Belfius? Then you will not receive monthly statements via 4411. Your consumption can be found in the app used.