Is your account blacklisted? You may have missed a payment. Be sure to check your invoices and payments via under the heading 'Invoices'.


  • It's possible that you have both an EASy and a PRO account. Be sure to check for both accounts whether there are no outstanding payment. After logging in, you can switch between botch accounts at the top left
  • Is there a block on the PRO-account but you're not the administrator of this PRO-account? Please contact the person responsible for the PRO account.

Be sure to check your payment method within your account under the heading 'My payment method'.

Do you pay by bank transfer or by automatic payment via direct debit or credit card?

Be sure to check whether your last payments have gone through. To do this, go to the 'Invoices' section.

Here you can check your recent statements as well as your recent payments. If there is still an outstanding amount, you can pay it immediately via the payment button.

Do you pay via telecom provider?

Your provider provides the option to use premium services such as 4111. It is possible that this service is not active for your mobile number or that there is a limit on these services. As a result, we were unable to pay for your last usage and your account was blocked.

4411 has no insight into this limit. It is therefore best to contact your telecom provider for this

Below you will find the contact pages of the providers:

Would you like to use our services again immediately? Then simply change your payment method to an automatic payment via direct debit or credit card. Your account will then be active again for new usage.