How does parking with 4411 work? How does parking with 4411 work?

How does parking with 4411 work?

4411 allows you to pay for parking in several ways.

1. Parking via app

Using the 4411 app, you can start a parking session on the street, but also in numerous parking garages in Belgium.

On-street parking

With 4411, you can pay for parking in more than 200 cities in Belgium and the Netherlands. Add your number plate to the 4411 app, start and stop your parking session remotely and pay afterwards via your monthly statement. This way, you never forget to start a parking session, you only pay for actual parking time and you always have an overview of your current parking sessions. We work with a transaction fee of €0.35, so we can always offer you the best parking experience.

You can download our app from the Google Playstore for Android and the App Store for iOS.

Off-street parking

Some parking garages have cameras at the entrance and exit. These cameras scan your number plate, allowing you to enter without having to take a parking ticket.

Via the 4411 app you can activate number plate recognition for your number plates. You can then automatically drive in and out of our participating garages. The barrier opens automatically, you don't have to take a ticket and you don't have to pay at the parking meter. Your parking session starts and stops automatically in the app and you pay as usual via your 4411 statement.

The full list of garages can be found here.

2. Parking via SMS

Do you have a GSM subscription with Proximus, Telenet, Base, Scarlet or Orange? Then you can choose to start and stop your parking session via SMS, payment is via your monthly GSM bill.

You don't need an app or internet. You start and stop your parking session via SMS to 4411 and pay an amount based on your actual parking time. Per parking session via text message, you pay a transaction fee of € 0.15 per sent/received text message. More info about parking via SMS can be found here.