This parking card is only issued to Ganshoren families for their visitors.

Where can I park with a voucher?

The parking card for visitors is valid throughout the blue zone of the municipality of Ganshoren.

Inhabitants of Ganshoren who have a visitor card, are allocated the same parking sector as that of their resident card . Exactly which streets these are will be communicated when your parking card is activated.

Download the map of the subdivisions in Ganshoren.


  • € 2.5 per period of 4h30.
  • You can request a maximum of 100 parking sessions per year (€ 250).
  • There are checks from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. If you park for a whole day, you pay for 3 parking periods (€7.5) - or - 2 periods (€5) with the blue parking disc.

How does my parking ticket work?

After payment, you will receive a confirmation from customer service and a list of codes. You can park validly for a period of 4h30 per code. You can activate your exemption by texting a code (and your number plate) to the number 4411. You will immediately receive a confirmation via text message. Each sent or received message costs €0.15. The parking stewards scan your number plate with their handheld computers at the checkpoints. This way they can immediately see whether you have a valid permit for the zone in which your car is currently parked.



Where can I purchase vouchers?

Mandatory documents:

  • Identity card
  • Registration certificate of the car. For the new registration certificates we need the section about the car in which the owner of the vehicle is mentioned.
  • Valid proof of insurance
  • Proof of transfer for the exemption card (only for requests by e-mail)

Additional document(s) if applicable:

  • For a car in the name of a third person:
    • A copy of the insurance contract showing that the applicant frequently uses the car.

  • For a company car:
    • a company certificate, drawn up by the social secretariat, that states that the applicant is the main driver of the car.
    • a copy of the company statutes if the applicant is the business manager.

  • For a rental car or lease car:
    • a copy of the rental or leasing contract stating the name of the applicant.

Request via E-mail

Print the application form and scan the completed form and the requested documents by e-mail to:

Request on site

A customer service representative will give you the form at the counter and will help you further. Don't forget to bring the necessary documents.

Attention: only payment with Bancontact, Visa or Mastercard on site.

Request by mail

Print the application form and send the completed form together with the necessary documents to, Gasthuisstraat 31 - 1000 Brussels.






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