A resident of the inner city, whose friends or family come to visit, can purchase special visitor codes at an advantageous rate. To purchase these visitor codes, the resident must contact the Parking Shop in the Huis van de Bruggeling or via the e-counter.

Where can I park with a voucher?

The visitor code can be used at all paid parking spaces in the inner city residents zone, with the exception of Ezelstraat, Geldmuntstraat, Gentpoortstraat (except at numbers 62-64), Hoogstraat, Katelijnestraat, Langestraat, Mallebergplaats, Mariastraat, Noordzandstraat, Philipstockstraat, Smedenstraat, Stationsplein , Steenstraat, Vlamingstraat (section between Markt and Academiestraat) and Zuidzandstraat.


  • 1 visitor code = 1 EUR for 4 hours of parking above ground or 0.25 euros for 1 hour.
  • Max. 360 hours per year per housing unit, to be purchased per 10 codes.
  • Persons in need who make use of an officially recognized informal carer at the Welfare Department of the City of Bruges can purchase  280 extra hours. Please note: it is the needy person who lives in the center of Bruges who can claim these extra codes, the informal carer cannot apply for these codes.
  • To be used from 9 a.m. until 8 p.m., every day of the week.
  • The parking time is indivisible but can be transferred to the next morning. The unused parking duration of 1 or 4 hours automatically runs from 9 a.m. in the morning. by means of. After 1 or 4 hours, the use of the parking code ends automatically.

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