Only residents of Blankenberge are allowed to request parking vouchers for visitors to the blue zone in Blankenberge.

A parking voucher is only valid in the blue zone of Blankenberge  and can be activated between 9 am and 6 pm, every day of the week. A voucher is good for a parking time of 12 hours. This parking time continues after midnight. The parking vouchers are valid indefinitely. Download the 4411 app to activate parking or activate the voucher via SMS.


Each resident may request a maximum of 10 free parking vouchers per year

Each resident may purchase additional parking vouchers at EUR 50 (excl. VAT) per 10 parking vouchers

How can I purchase vouchers?

  • Request at OPC parking shop (P. Devauxstraat 16)
    • make an appointment in advance;
    • are you a resident of Blankenberge: take your identity card with you;
    • are you a second resident: take your assessment notice with you;
    • keep your email address at hand;
    • you get a manual.
  • You can apply online via E-counter.
  • It is not possible to request such a voucher by e-mail.


More information can be found in this guide:
Blankenberge - Parkeervouchers via e-loket - handleiding gebruiker NL v.1.6[56].docx