Parking vouchers are available in three types of packages and can be purchased via this link.

  • Merchant Package: Parking vouchers as a reward for store purchases at the local merchant. 10.00 EUR (9 vouchers of 1.00 EUR)

  • Business package: Parking vouchers as an 'incentive' from the city or municipality to buy locally. EUR 42.00 (1 voucher of EUR 40.00)

  • Promo package: Parking vouchers as a reward or marketing tool for employees and companies. EUR 100.00 (98 vouchers of EUR 1.00)

Where can I park with a voucher?

These vouchers are valid in Aalst within the yellow zone 'neighborhood parking' per subzone (Buurtparking Carnavalshallen – Hoveniersplein - Bleekveld and Buurtparking Pierre Corneliskaai)

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