Parking vouchers are available to residents of the City of Leuven.

Leuven grants a resident 200 hours of parking via free vouchers to be applied for. In addition, a resident is also entitled to use 200 hours of parking via paid vouchers. 

You can purchase the vouchers for Leuven via this link.

Where can I park with a voucher?

Parking vouchers are only valid in a certain zone. There are 2 types of parking vouchers:

  • Parking vouchers that are only valid in zone LEU1 and LEU2
  • Parking vouchers that are only valid in zone LEU3 and LEU4

Which zones you are allowed to park in depends on where the applicant lives. You can find the zone on the parking machines and info signs in the street. View all zones on a map.

Where not to park with parking voucher?

Always keep in mind the traffic rules. Parking vouchers do not apply at:

How do I activate a voucher?

You activate a parking voucher by providing the voucher code and number plate via the 4411 application or via text

Activate via the 4411 app

  1. Download the app 4411.
  2. Open the app.
  3. Go to '4411 Services' en choose 'Parking vouchers'.
  4. Enter the voucher code en number plate of the vehicle.
  5. Click o 'Activate voucher'.

Activate via sms

  1. Send an SMS to the number 4411 with the message vouchercode [space] number plate (without dashes)
    Example: LEU12345678 1ABC234
  2. You will receive a confirmation immediately. Read this text message and check that the session has started correctly.
    • Don't want to receive confirmation messages from 4411? Send the code "C1" to 4411. You will then turn off all communications from 4411.
    • Not receiving confirmations? You may have indicated in the past that you no longer wish to receive confirmations. To receive confirmation messages again, send the code 'C1' to 4411.
    • Some subscriptions do not allow you to send messages to abbreviated numbers. Before your first use, check with your provider if you can use that service.

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