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Who can obtain vouchers?

This parking card is only issued to families of Saint-Gilles/Sint-Gillis for their visitors.


  • €2,50 per period of 4h30.
  • The number of permitted periods per year and per family is a maximum of 100.

Where can I park with a voucher?

The visitor code is only valid in the green zone within the sector that has been assigned. The code is not valid in the 'reserved zone for residents', the delivery zones, the zones reserved for shared vehicles, the 'Kiss & Ride' zones and the charging zones for electric vehicles.

The visitor code is not valid for the following vehicles: +3,5 tons, tow truck, trailer, car caravan, bus and coach, agricultural vehicle (including quad), industrial equipment, tractor, license plate 'Z'.

Where can I purchase vouchers?

Documents you need for the application:

Recto-verso copy of the applicant's identity card.

Request via email

Print the application form and scan the completed form and the requested documents by email to:

Request on site

A customer service representative will give you the form at the counter and help you further. Don't forget to bring the necessary documents.

Please note: only payment with Bancontact, Visa or Mastercard on site.

Application by post

Print the application form and send the completed form together with the necessary documents to Parking Brussels, Gasthuisstraat 31 - 1000 Brussels.

How do I activate a voucher?

The voucher is offered in the form of SMS codes sent to the short number 4411 as a message in the format "parking code - space - vehicle license plate". For example: WBV12345678 1ABC123.

The user of the code will then receive a confirmation text message (which can be deactivated). There is a charge of €0,15 for each message sent and received. The codes are active as soon as they are sent by SMS. They must therefore be sent at the beginning of parking.

The codes have a validity of 1 year.

The codes can also be entered via the 4411 app, which is available via Google Play (Android) or the App Store (iOS). There is a cost of €0,35 per code used in the app. Scroll through 4411 services and click on "Parking vouchers". 

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